||== lollapalooza ==||



Main Stage:
Queens of the Stone Age
Jurrasic 5
The Donnas
The Distillers
A Perfect Circle
Janes Addiction

Second Stage:
30 Seconds to Mars
Steve-O of Jackass
Pharoah Monch
Burning Brides
The Music
Cave In
Kings of Leon
The Mooney Suzuki
Bellydance Superstars

Who is going to this concert tour featuring these bands?

i dont want to go to boston, i would if they came to hartford though

i might go, but then again i might not, some bands i dont like to much.

i’ll be in croatia at the time. but seeing jane’s addiction would be great.

man i would definitely be there…but i voted If I Could :frowning:

Audioslave, Incubus, Queens, The Donnas (just hearing a bit from them now), Jane’s Addiction, The Music and OMG OMG OMG A Perfect Circle!!!

im devastated…lucky americans :*( A Perfect Ciircle would be the best out of all of them…Maynard :love:

they better be doing a world tour…

I wonder if it will still be a rip off… must be most concerts are…

hmmm whats a rip off to you russianbeer?

that sounds similar to Big Day Out which is a big music festival here…tix for that are about $90 - 100 AUD which is about US$58 - 64…

You know how concerts usualy charge outragous prices for stuff inside. I hear lollapeuza is REAL good a that… they where selling water for 5$ USd… i mean cmon!

oh yeah i know what you mean, that’s really bad especially when they bump up the price for water which is what the people at concerts need the most…well if you are a mosh pit fan liike me :beam:

Thats right, hey is the Living End , still a band? I think an aussie would know?

yeah they are still a band!! their old drummer left i think but they got a new one… i saw them at this years Big Day Out… one of the days highlights for sure :thumb:


just for the record, maynard is an a s s. i met him and he is an idiot.

Obviously I’m not going, since this is in America. :slight_smile: But I really want to go to V2003 this year. :slight_smile:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
P J Harvey
David Gray
Queens of the Stone Age
Foo Fighters
The Coral
Jim Byers
Matt Dix
Lemon Jelly

Its all about the Ozzfest.

oh ozzfest.

*Originally posted by pinx *
**just for the record, maynard is an a s s. i met him and he is an idiot. **

:!: when did you meet him?! sure you may think he is an *** but he is one talented singer…one of the best!! oh and why was he an *** and an idiot? im pretty surprised to hear that…:-\

well a donkey is an a * s but jesus still rode it… so maynards still good for me…

lol good to hear that starpromo

its true… a * s or not… there bloody awsome no doubt about it…