Look what I can do!

Wow… Stuart is the best SNL character, mostly because that skit is so dumb…

Anyways, this mask is coded and i thought it looked pretty cool. There are 2 versions. One with the original BMP behind it, creating a whole different effect.

http://www.domainkarl.com/flash/car1.html (without BG) 8kb -ish
http://www.domainkarl.com/flash/car2.html (with BG) 280kb -ish

The second one shows how much our brain fills in because there are not actually bars but the outlines being lit, which we match up and viola, it looks like the car has the boxes as an overlay, when they are really a mask. Weird.

FLA if any noobs are curious is here:


Stuart is from mad tv :wink: That’s pretty cool though :smiley:

Now I feel like a rookie, but I’m allowed to be ignorant… I’m young :puzzle:

haha pretty cool effect :slight_smile: