Looking for a rat with a gun


I know this must sound funny, but I’m looking for a picture of a Rat or Mouse holding a machine gun. I’ve tried looking but failed. I was searching for a good cartoon rodent as well that maybe I could put a gun on in photoshop but couldn’t find a picture. So, if anyone might have one lying around, either cartoon or real, I’d be very greatful. :slight_smile:

I thought it would be funny to try.

It’s a bit crappy and I now realize you asked for a machine gun but I’ll post it anyway. :slight_smile:

hahahahah, a bit crappy, lol !!!

:trout: ok maybe i deserve that. … how sad i m giving myself trout slaps.

Maybe i 'll draw up a mouse when i less drunk… cause right at the moment, its all about double vision. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

does it have to look really realistic? or can it be slightly, well not?

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