Gun Game Preview

I’ve been designing this gun game i would really like some feed back on what people think and whether it even worth continuing. At the moment it only had the gun shot effect and movement. I plan for it to have enemies of course lol , soundeffects, reload/ammo, ricochet/damage on building efffects. if any of u have any ideas of features u would like to see please tell me. this is only the first level and i plan to throw in a little story to take u through the game.

Heres the link:


yeah nice looking gun…

keep up up the work and maybe add more detail into the background

WOw, you got the gun is really nice.

Maybe you can use some thing like bullet hole’s. That would be cool.

i love the gun! i think you named everything i would like to see.

ye the background just kinda there for now so it ain’t a blank screen the gun is the arae i worked on most, based it on the desert eagle out of cs

Good gun. :slight_smile:

How do you draw them? I’ve tried, and just can’t get it right. Even worse is a hand holding a gun…

Hands look abit dodgy on mine to, just find an image of a gun u like, then practice drawing it at different angles, then when u got the angle u want, imagine what parts of the hand u can see this is where i look stupid holidn things like stapplers infront of me. I also play games like counterstrike alot which helps give u the feel i guess

I borrowed an air gun from a mate, and drew my hand holding that. But the problem was I either had to draw left handed to get the right hand holding the gun, or draw right handed but reverse everything.

It gave me a headache. :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe take a photo of it in ur hand from the angle u want then draw if from ur photo

Haha lunar has a point Kit :stuck_out_tongue:

laughs :beam:

  • Soul :s:


Shut up, the pair of you. :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe what’d i do!!, what’d i do!! :beam:. Need to think of a good background scence now, my creative ideas are running low lately :S

Me think of a scene! :beam:

An old mental hospital, thats been closed for years :beam: but the screams can still be heard echoing through the corridors! :bad:

  • Soul :s:

ooooooh mental hospitals are scary me thinks!!, ends chivers down my spines lol P