Looking for a site....help!

Ok, I am trying to find a site that I saw a while back while browsing through coolhomepages.com. It was a flash site, that had a menu that could be dragged around by grabbing the top of it and I believe could be minimized. It also had interchangable backgrounds, where they had incorporated their logo into pictures, one had their logo on a gear shift, one I think in a glass of ice. They were really well done pictures. I believe the main color scheme was blue and black/gray. I have searched FOREVER trying to find it, bugging everybody on here is kinda a last resort. If anyone knows which site I am refering to, please let me know. Hope my description was not too vague. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

You don’t remember the name of the company or what their logo looked like?

Finally, I actually found it…


No I couldn’t remember their name. Wasn’t sure about their logo, although the logo turned out to be what I thought it was. Thanks for the reply though.