Looking for a tutorial to create a clean animation


I am trying to create movie clips in flash that contain a seamless animation. The effect I am looking for, is done using the Drawing API actionscript. I am trying to animate a box appearing and growing to a certain size, but I do not want to use a motion tween as the animation does not appear smooth.

Anyone know of any tutorials on this area. An example of this may be seen an www.lucidltd.com.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out!

I would recomment Motion Tweening as opposed to Shape because I personally hate Shape tweening. And motion tweens can always be smooth, you just have to take other things into account. For example, when you tried animating a box, how many frames was the animation? Also, what was your FPS (frames per second?); if it’s set anywhere around the area of 12 (which is Flash’s default), then you are going to have a hard time creating smooth motion. Set that higher to about 24-30. With this done, you can cut the animation length in half because now your movie will be running twice as fast.

I checked out the animation you linked to and I think the best way to approach this is to just do it by hand. I mean take each frame and distort your box or whatever however you see fit. When done correctly, frame by frame animation cannot touch what Flash’s tweens can do.

:sigh: but if you insist on doing it through Actionscript, I can probably help you out with that too. Just ask.

btw, welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay. Here’s your complementary smiley:

Heya Thoriphes I can see how to do this with motion tween (as seen in lucid), but could you show us how to do this “gowing box” with AS!? =)

k, i’ll work on it today. it’s gonna be a bit hard since i don’t have flash with me right now, but i can still write the code. you’ll have to test it for me, though.

Thanks for your reply “Manny Calavera”. Increasing the frame rate was an option that I was thinking of using and still might. Yes I would be interrested in still doing it through actionscript just to see if there is a difference. As a starting point, if you know of any reference materials that could help me animate a small box enlarging into a big one using actionscript. I am really trying to ensure that if the box is made from a hairline (1px), that it will appear as a hairline and not slightly dithered as flash sometimes does.
Again Thanks for your help!