Ok, i understand the whole box moving to the right and stuff, but what i don’t get is how the Xiao Xiao movies are made. I mean they are stick figures and they move really smooth and i don’t see how it can be done in frame by frame, so it must be tweened. What would help me would be to see a complex tween .fla or something to understand, if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appriciated.

the smoothness is most likely due to the frame rate.

Standard tweens can be very smooth, if done properly.

Default framerate in Flash is 12fps, which is pretty awful.

Crank it up to 25 or 30 to get the ‘smooth’ feeling.


thanks i was gonna make another thread about what a good framerate is, but that helped. I don’t know how to explain it but i don’t understand how he can tween like that, and all the tutorials just show a box or circle move across the screen :\

i think they just spend a lot of time doing it frame by frame

heres my version so far

Actionscript can help to simulate tweens so that they are much smoother :wink:

thanks man, that movie was done in fbf?, what framerate?

and actionscript? grrr now i gotta learn another language, i was hoping that i could avoid it :stuck_out_tongue: