Looking for a web designer for my webcomic


I’m looking for a web designer for my webcomic. I’m familiar with wordpress, so I’d like to be able to use WP as a back-end for the site. Its going to be fairly similar, a front page, an archives page and a regular wordpress blog page.
But, I don’t want the site to look like a wordpress blog, even though its WP powered. I prefer simplistic, minimalist designs, and I don’t mind all the so called cliched web 2.0 styles (big fonts, primary colors, drop shadows etc.).
Just a college student here, so my budget would be about $ 100-150. If that’s too low, what exactly can i expect from a $100-150 website? I know you cannot have a good website without investing money into it, but i’d like to keep it simple for the beginning.
I also do my own typography, so I prefer typographical buttons, and none of that shiny aqua stuff. I’ll be designing my own logo as well.