looking for freelance Developers to create AS3 AIR + JSON apps

We are a start-up company named uniqueAT

at the moment we are working on a very interesting project and we need to hire two skilled developers for two front-end application running on windows 8 PC

We have been trying our luck on frelancer.com and on upwork.com - but we could not find a good fit for the apps.
the apps are not very complicated but they may required a full attention to develop them for a next 2 - 3 weeks.

please let us when we could try to find some good developers which would help us to finish our project.
all our team is involved in it already and that is why we are looking for some addition to our team.

skills and knowladge that will be required to develop the application:
AS3, away3d (for the flip book), JSON loading (not XML)
some knowladge of Photoshop as we arleady have designs in PSD - prefered workflow - PSD to app

more info about both of the jobs:
3D FLIP BOOK application - changes to existing framework - Flash + JSON

audio / music / sound browser application - Flash/Flex with JSON

Please make suggestions where we can find proper developers for this kind of job
we are open to anything

thanks in advance

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That post was from 2015, so it may be a long shot :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!