Looking for quotes for pixel work

For all you pixel pushers out there, how long would it take you to make the image here, and how much would you charge?


Isometric Pixel Art rocks!

I have just started to learn it but it takes realy long time to create something, and I dont have time…

This is the city that I`m working on…

But its far from finished…

[SIZE=3]Wow, that would have taken ages to make![/SIZE]

I can only dream of a project that large!

Pixel stuff rules!

My pixel art is mostly 2d, my 3d-ish stuff looks pretty rubbish!


not bad, not bad at all :wink:

I’m impressed :slight_smile:

hm… neat idea with the grid… Maybe I should try too… :-\



I made a grid :slight_smile:

use it all u want my fellow pixel enthusiasts… :slight_smile:


*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**as long as it took me to do this! :stuck_out_tongue:

About a weeks time :slight_smile:


‘Park guests are getting lost or stuck.’
‘Guest 3478 is lost’
‘Guest 4578 is lost’
‘Park guests are hungry and can’t find anywhere to eat’
‘Roller coaster 5 has broken down’
‘Merry go round 1 has broken down’
‘new rollercoaster available. wild mouse roller coaster’

It`s actually not that hard to make isometric pixel art, if you are interested take a look at this tutorial, its how i started with my city and a grid helps alot!