Looking for someone who can do this. [Paid job]

Hi all,

Im looking for a flash artist who can do this:

  • Make 2 pages of Flash video streaming. (20 videos in total… So obviously flash video player with play/pause etc buttons will be needed). It will be like, videos on the right, player on the left. It must show number of clicks, a “send to friend” button, “play all” button, etc.
  • Make 3 pages of image/text.
  • And finally, allow me to add Ad/Banners in 3 spots on the site.

I want this site to be in wholly in flash.

This site wont be updated at all, except for in the beginning. So i dont need CMS, etc to regularly update it.

The site will NOT have any user function. This site will be only for “viewing”.

I only need one Admin access where i can edit/add videos/text. (Or if you have any other way besides Admin access, you can explain to me.)

I already have the design cut into html. I just need someone to flash/code it.

My budget is: 100-120$.

If you’re intrested, please PM me, or just reply here.