Looking for trade show booth parts

lol. i wasnt talking about asians, honest. i meant cross eyed… i guess it came out the wrong way… oops :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, so the cat has bling bling, what about the gecko? should we paint gold on one of his teeth? or should we call up puff daddy and get his advice?

and random,
you could be ghetto pimp. who needs thousands of dollars, when you’ve got a gold chain from wal-mart and a hat spray painted purple?

But, my brutha, we ain’t even got da roll to gesta us da hat!

working on my pimp accent

you forgot about the cane.=)


oops…where’d that come from…sheesh…

I clearly see this thread being shut down by the end of the day…

Don’t you people have jobs? :smiley:

for the cane… uh… let see. you have a table dont you? break a leg off that, put your dog in place, and use the leg as your cane.

and if you wanna talk like a pimp, you have to add izzle onto everything.
iizzle getizzle myselfizzle offizzle onizzle catizzle.


i do. i am a full time couch potato. j/k im on vacation from school:beam:

yo, you mean he wouldn’t shizzle my frizzle?

that better?

yea, im doing work, and doing this. but most of my work isnt getting done. :-\

ok, im going to mcdonalds. dont let this post die, or im coming after every last one of you!

You guys will love this. This is a tshirt I never got around to making…

Hey Random,
There is a trade-show exhibit company right down the road from me in Willmington, MA

They have a tremendous amount of booths to rent and buy.

Here is thier Number:

978 988 1100

Ask for Stan Sacks / Extension-217


I use them all the time.

If you call Stan, let him know Matt from Chomerics refered ya.

I wasn’t kidding about the budget. Now we’ve only got $31.50…I just bought a soda.

haha. that last comment was priceless. :stuck_out_tongue:

im gonna work on our booth. give me a couple of minutes

there are some things you cant buy
for everything else theres the kirupa forum

Accepted where you see the Flash MX logo

i know you are all jealous of my mad photoshoping skillz.


you forgot me in all of my pimpdom.

What’s so funny about it?
It IS our plan, isnt it?
I’m just giving the mental image a reality.

god, you people. See what I do for you. NEVER happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

there it is.