YO! Critique this poster eh?

Hello all,

Well it’s 11:30pm and I just finished (wellllll maybe not) this poster. What’s missing?

Also, don’t bother commenting on the glow around the lettering because this was created at 300dpi and after shrinking this motha down the cool noise effect was lost. :rabbit:



God! You do print work too?! This is top notch! Very nice, very professional.

Also, I like the details like the “Rated F for Fun”

Good work! I remember that you were working on a layout for this place a while back, is that online yet (if not, is it going to be?).

dam thats nice… when are u going to replace their old site?

yeah I remember the layout too, I love the poster, but it says 99 cents then goes to $5?

perhaps if you want to try something else you might try moving the background down to have less black

lol. Nope it’s not online yet Bradly. These guys were one of my first clients so I give them great prices and they understand that they’re not no.1 on my priorities list simply because of money. Their website is nearly complete and will be launched the second week of August so keep your eyes peeled.

yeah that is confusing…

canadian, u got a portfolio site coming?

As far as I know he has one already, just doesn’t show it on forums :wink:

Looks awesome CG :slight_smile:

hehe bombing thanks for pointing that out. I forgot that I had to put in that soft drinks, hot dogs and bowling was only 0.99. I guess that’s what happens at the end of the day.

he he, it’s alright :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t do that, I like the balance now. Another thing that I really like is the font that you used. Very movie posterish (I assume that’s the look you were going for, and if you were, you hit it right on the head :D)

CANADIAN DO U HAVE A PORFOLIO SITE OR NOT, sorry for the caps but i see u keep posting and i want to see all ur work…


just something to try, he did ask for something to try, I know I often have bad ideas, but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

well dammit make one lol, i keep seeing these people that read 2 tutorials and make a ‘business’ or ‘portfolio’ site, someone of ur skill should have one… i am searching for inspiration lol

Hey bombing I actually did have it lighter but changed it just minutes ago. I think the darkness of the background will make the text really stand out under the black lights at that bowling centre.

< unrelated > While I was working on this poster I spent half the time waiting for my computer to catch up with me. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with my computer. < /unrelated >

lol Brad do you mean Harry Potter?

I was totally going for the movie look. Everytime I do work for these guys they fax me a sheet with every thing laid out the way they ‘think’ it should be and I never do it their way. It’s kind of funny that they still do it seeing as I’ve done soo much work for them. lol

Well, Harry Potter wasn’t the first thing that came to my mind, but now that you mention it, that does look a bit like Hogwarts :wink:

Oooo, black lights, that will be cool because the white text will glow in the dark :slight_smile:

I guess they like what they get, and figure that if they send you something that’s already really good then you’ll try to do something different and it won’t be as good :stuck_out_tongue:

ok that didn’t make any sense

lol Bombing.

Brad I still haven’t seen Harry Potter so I have no idea who gogwharts is.

I couldn’t resist attaching this close up of the noise glow around the lettering. I’ve loved this effect for a long time but I’ve never had the opportunity to use it.

Here it is anyways (like anyone cares) :to:

lol. I think I’m going to make a ‘FREAKY’ wallpaper now.