Looking for trade show booth parts

I got dragged into building a trade show booth for one of the companies I work for. Anybody know where I can get parts? I wanna turn this thing into frankenbooth! Really, I’m looking for mainly lighting and podium components. Perhaps some stools, but I’m on a TIGHT budget.

i say a cat. it can be the mascot. and maybe a tin can… collect donations?
do those fit in your budget?

■■■■. That’s good thinking Phil! And then he can go steal girls from other booths, stick them in binkin’s and tell them to walk around holding a sign. and if they dont, crack out the whip. whichaaaa :stuck_out_tongue:

And we can always put lighting on them too. you know?

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**we can rig the cat with special lighting;

paper mache for the podium,

and how about dead frozen homeless people, in the shape of chairs for the stools…? does that werk…?

pj :stuck_out_tongue: **

hahaha thats to funny. what happens when the frozen people unfreeze?:stuck_out_tongue:

oh, wise thinking phil.
and we can call up that frog, with the top hat… and he can do a song and dance. we will pay him… meh… probably 20 dollars? but not including life insurance. cause the cat will probably eat him.

oh yea… we could use him. does he sing and dance though, that’s the million dollar question.
Cause we cant just have a gecko standing there, you know? he’s gotta do something. I think he could fondle the female customers, what do you think?

on a side note, we have just destroyed random hero’s post. we’re sorry about that. forgive us. :slight_smile:

Man, this is the last time I put something in the “Random” category…although the stealing other tradeshow women idea peaks my intrest…heheheh


nice. cat and gecko. we could go into business. open our own freakshow. score!

next item of business:
How do we pay for all of it? I think there is only about 5$ budget… since he didnt say… so… how about blatent product advertising? like in movies… it will probably deter from our business, thus asking why are we here, but we wont go into that. I say we have the target symbol everywhere. And maybe they can donate target sunglasses?


We arent selling the cat! If we do, there goes our hook. Then what do we have? A freaking gecko. What the hell is a gecko gonna do without a cat? If he cant sing or dance.


budget is $500. Spending $360 on new vinyl for the booth (made new graphics with the current logo on them), and have $108 spent on the kickin’ sound system…actually, I bought my buddy’s iPaq, rigged it with flash player, and created a jukebox full of razzer sounds to freak people out as they walk by the booth.

So, our budget is $32. Pretty sad. The corpses are starting to look like a viable option.

sure, we can sell one of the girls. i’m thinking the one with the slanted eyes. She can’t even walk straight, let alone hold a sign.
I will inform her of her termination. We’ll miss ya kid.

I can never sell the women! I’m not that good, and I can’t afford to hire a pimp!

Too bad. We’ve spoken. We’re running this “trade booth” now.

buy a pimp costume:hat: :trout:

I’ve never known a pimp that dressed for less than a grand, let alone $32.

here’s the plan.

walk around town
if you see a pimp hit him over the head with his cane. then steal his cloths. i know its a long shot,:trout: :beam:

Got a friend that works at a carbonic plant. He could hook us up.

I think I’ll throw a party when I get 626 posts. A “I have no life” party.

i have thrown thoes parties every 300 posts. i think:beam: