Looking for writers (music)blog, (indi, low-fi)

hey guys,

I havn’t been on kirupa for somewhile now, but It seemd to be a good place to start looking for writers. I’m setting up a blog, which will write about and review indi and low-fi musicians. I’m looking for guys that love that type of music. I can’t pay for you so you’ll have to do it pro bono. I’m thinking of putting as little as posible flash and heavy grafics on the site asposible. It’s mostly for the fun of having a blog and sharing new cool music. So If you like searching for new music and talking about it. This would be perfect.

So please let hear what you think about the layout and so forth.


Some posts are not about music you’ll have to forgive me for that fact.

I do have the domain and server all set up. There’s a blogger acount and if you hate adds I’ll take them down.