Loop a video with buttons

I’m having a little problem.
I have created small videoes (flvPlayers), with a play and a pause button (from the component menu).
I can’t get these to loop without a glitch when they start over again. And the buttons dont make it easier.

You can see/hear it yourself here http://home.no/per-erik/seq/flash/bass1.swf (NB! turn down your volume, its a bass loop),

This is the code im using now. As you see, its not good enough, the loop have to go smooth.

 import fl.video.VideoEvent;
 flvPlayer.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, videoFinished);
 function videoFinished(event:Event){

I found this thread http://www.kirupa.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-223137.html , but I dont understand how to pull it together.

Anyone who knows about a better solution, or how to integrate one of the codes from the thread above?