Looping ext. SWF w/preloader

((i originally have this in the thread “external swfs with individual preloaders” but its at the end and not likely to be seen))

i have my preloading scripts on frame 1. and have used this. and not _root.

the movie loops at the end, ignoring my stop commands. it then plays thru a second time with no audio and THEN executes my last frame commands to stop and execute code on the main fla that is loading this external swf.

i am testing this with :10sec of video. if i shorten the video to :05sec or less - the stop commands are executed and not ignored…

i would attach an FLA of the preloader that loops, but since it has video in it, its too big to attach.


at the bottom:
click on 4th tumbnail from left - red wallet - to see 5 sec video that works fine

click on 9th thumbnail image - hands on the keyboard - to see :10 sec that doesnt work right.

any help greatly appreciated!