Looping help

i have made a loading screen for the music part of my page but how do i get the music to loop? cause it has to have a stop or it would loop the loader aswell…

check out my page

note: this page is all testing right now this is not artistic at all i am just figuring everythin out :slight_smile:


if the link doesn;t work jsut copy and paste it

come on some1 has to know

Yes, first, go to File: Import, and select your sound. Then, on your frame, right click and go to actions. Then go to expert mode (ctrl+E) and type:


Now, the easy part. At your properties menu, it says Sound: Select your imported sound. Then, at the bottom left of the properties menu, there should be a down arrow. Click on it and your sould see Loop: type in 100000000000.

Hope this works.

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