Looping (or adding multiple instances) of MoveClips

Hey guys,
Im making a navigation and ive ran into a hang up, i want the content to repeat over and over when i scroll, but am not sure how to do it.

this is my setup:
I have a Swf that holds my controls (up/down). This swf loads another swf into a “holder” MC that acts as the content for the display.
The problem I am having is that i want for the content to loop over and over, so its seemless when you scroll. However, using the seup ih ave now, Im not sure how to acheive this. Any ideas or pointers guys?

Heres my code for the parent SWF

import mx.transitions.Tween;
import mx.transitions.easing.*;

uparrow.onRelease = up
downarrow.onRelease = down


var ypos:Number = holder._y;

function up (){
        var ytween:Tween  = new  Tween(holder, "_y", Strong.easeOut, ypos, ypos+105, .8, true); 
function down (){
    var ytween:Tween  = new  Tween(holder, "_y", Strong.easeOut, ypos, ypos-105, .8, true); 

newprojectsSlider.swf is the “content” then the buttons move the MC holding it up or down.

You can find the sample Here

Thanks a Million