Lord of the Rings Two Towers on DVD

I just found out it releases on 8/26. :wink:
not sure if that’s old news or not, but I just got it.

is that the normal or the extended version :wink:

i have been waiting for this. i hope it’s the extended version.

It’s probably not the extended version… it’s too soon.

well that sucks. but still i’ll probably buy both cause i’m a lunatic.

That’s just what they want… for you to buy both DVD versions. :slight_smile:

It will be the normal version, they will relase the extended version probably in november so as people can buy the 5 disc $60 dollar super edition with bookends for christmas.

Djuka you need to clean out your mail box. I can’t pm you becuase it’s full.

Yep i have acouple copies of the first one. I got a full screen copy as a gift and being nice i jsut went and bought the wide screen copy and kept both. Then i got he special addtion box set as another gift.

I’m guessig nthe same will hapen again

definitely. that happened to me as well, I have 2 copies. I
canNOT wait for this…