Lost actions panel

[font=Arial][size=5][size=2]In one of your tutorials it said to “Create a new layer on your main timeline and call it actions. Click on the actions frame in your timeline, [color=magenta]right click and select Actions[/color], and copy and paste the following” when I right click on the frame there is no “[color=magenta]Actions[/color]” is listed. This is on a new copy of MX 2004. Is this a bug? Am I right clicking in the wrong spot?[/size][/size][/font]
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[font=Arial][size=3]I know that I have added opened the Actions panel by right clicking on the frame before. Also the actionscript panel disappears all the time, I have to click on window/development panel/Actions to get it to re-display.[/size][/font]
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[font=Arial][size=3][color=navy]Also is there a tutorial on where one should add actionscript. I would think that since actionscript is OO then one could add script anywhere?[/color][/size][/font]