Lost site, effect need help to find


There is compnay out there that makes “videos” for flash like the one used behind the logo at this site…


ive seen the site whom makes and sells such animations. but lost the link
anyone know it? its fairly popular.

http://www.advanceflash.com? is that what u mean

woah thats some neat **** man! how u make stuff like that?
anyone know?

After Effects or Combustion.

i know it’s stupid but what is combustion?is it like ae which allow us to make some animation?i’ve heard of it somewhere but don’t know what it is and what it’s for :stuck_out_tongue:

i hate to say it but search.

combustion: discreet.com

I could swear somebody posted that one as 2a’s latest site a long time ago :-/

Awesome site though

You could also use Particle Illiusion by Wonder Touch

Thanks Yuki. That is a very interesting program. I never heard of it.

you can use any proggy that has a particle emitter and does compositing, search for those terms rather.

I’m quite sure 3d proggies can render such images too, as well as the compositing/sfx tools of Houdini and creativecow has some particle tuts for AE…

some of that stuff looks like it may have been done in a 3d package too like maya or something.