Particle effect

how do these guys get that awesome rising particle effect in the upper left below their logo?

after effects. This has been asked and explained a bunch of times concerning this site…You may get flamed for asking again…lol…

ah crap, I DIDN’T KNOW…HONESTLY…sniff sniff shrinks back into a corner and hides

lol j/k :wink:

lol :slight_smile:

but ehmm, After Affects… and then?? I mean, it’s kind of overwhelming and I’m not sure where to start… still. :te:

start by dloading a trial of after effects…lol

Do a few tuts to get acquainted with the interface. Then go nuts and research export options and its use in flash. DO a search here for that. I now I personally have answered that question a few times. There is an AE tut by Soulty available from the tuts section.

yeah, I know. And I’m now capable of the basics.
But to create really cool effects, well that’s another story.

I took a look at the tuts on, but they are too advanced, you seem to need a lot of extra plugins and besides that I can’t understand half of his English :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’ll struggle on :slight_smile:

Trapcode, will do it for you. Do a search on google you’ll see it. I think they provide a tutorial on it.

sweet ill check it out