Hey lost, well the first version of the site is up and running, check it out at www.mcdonalddesign.com/britishsupercars - I havent tested it yet so there may be a few errors, but I only uploaded it last night. hope things are well with you.

  • John

hey john dude that menu is totally bodacious it kicks sweet as booty well dun mate


p.s The cars makes on the site rule as well

Hey leo,

Great job on the site! All is well with me, and I hope all is well with you.

If you would like you can make your navigation menu flush with the left side of the page so there isn’t that blue space between the menu and the edge of the browser window.

To do that just add leftmargin=“0” to your body tag…like this…

<body leftmargin="0">

Other margin removers include…

Thx for the positive feedback guys, the blue on the menu and the blue on the HTML page have the same value <PARAM NAME=bgcolor VALUE=#000062> - so they should both be the same shade blue? they are the same on my server (the machine I designed it on) but not on my other PC…

  • John

No, they are the same shade, but I was just stating that if you would like the red edge of your menu to be flush with the browser so it looks like it is coming out of the browser “wall” then you could use that.

Alrighty, looks alot better now, thx for the tip!

  • John

No problem:)