Loven' Flash Mx

Hello all my flash brothers and sister!! I just wanted to say, I went 9 rounds with my girlfriend last week to convenced her that i needed flash MX, and I ended up catching her with an armbar, so she submitted to my request and we forked out the money and bought, and I must say this awsome. MX has made flash SO much easier and better…im still a nubie and im learning action script as I go but i feel really good about mx.

Later everyone

:rambo: Etan :rambo:

I’m glad you like MX…give your girlfriend some flash roses for being so cool to let ya get it :P!

yeah! Welcome to the madness. Here’s your first project. Build her an e-card! Get creative! Come up with an idea and (within reas0n) we will help you build.

Thanks, you guys are the best…