Low fps in game

Can anyone take a look at this fla: maze.fla

I can’t think of a good way to get rid of the MC’s picked up by the player, all those MC’s slow down the game… is there a way around this?? :-\

It’s a pacman’ish game if u hadn’t guessed it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you seen the maze fla’s on my site - I’m gonna post another one - I’ve been to lazy to do it, that’s alot smoother, and can be developed into an interactive sort of rpg - I’m looking at your fla now…

And here’s the game using getBounds(). Don’t know how much faster it is than before but - allows more accurate hit testing if you expand the game.

Also you were moving the clips off screen when you should have been removing them.

I’ve also increased the fps to 30.

I’m going to be adding a bunch of more stuff on my site that I think you might find useful.

You should also try out Ed Mack’s tutorials.

The problem with mcs as loads of bonuses, or just loads of mcs is that the game may slow, and then increase speed as more of the mcs are removed (eaten, shot or whatever).

I strongly recommend you look into tile based games. Sound complicated at first, but much faster than many “normal” art based games. Of course some games can’t be done in tile based form, but the one you are doing definitely can.

I also know where you can get an excellent tile map editor done by a guy called squize.

Let me know.

EDIT: I deleted the fla and am posting this one. I’ve changed your scoring so it works, also added a little blip when you get the food and put a blank mc so when the centre food hit tests with it, it’s removed (to prevent a blip straight away and to prevent the score going to 1 straight away- because of the way you’ve duplicated the “dust”(?) mcs by a grid).

I changed the step - the s variable - in the actions for the player to 10. I think that works better.

I’ve also deleted my previous posts.

With basic character images for directions - edit them and do your own

Hrmmm mazes are cool :slight_smile:

thanks flex! Don’t know what i’d do whitout u :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the game is slow… it went hella slow when i added all the (dustballs! yes… dustballs… The final game will have 3 vacuum cleaners to choose from, and the game can only be completed if u choose the right one… :), sounds weird? It is…)

Those tuts fra “Ed Mack”… I’ve heard that name before in relation with flash… link?

Keep me updated on those tilebased games… I’d really like to go that way instead of this…

I posted the link here before - when you first aske the walls question. Here it is again.


oh yeah… (doh)

thanks! :slight_smile: