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First time my friend **the **showed me what he’s making I was pretty impressed, I can say speechless. That is the reaction of most of my friends that I send a link or personally showed Lunams work. Reaction is mostly about content - two movies Jurney of a Red Fridge (Coca-Cola fridge carried on by Hary, porter, one of 60,000 in Nepal through the mountin paths) and Punam (story about young girl Punam Tamang). Don’t miss this site, any of it’s part, it’s phenomenal…

About Lunam >
[INDENT]An independent documentary film production duo - Lucian Muntean and Natasa Stankovic. Their films Punam and Journey of a Red Fridge pay special attention to children rights and child labour in Nepal.
[/INDENT] Site presents video and photography material, and few text on this interesting and not so known topic in our lifes. Technically site would be better if it’s done in AS3, but that doesn’t spoil the experience.

Watch and enjoy -> [URL=“”]Lunam Docs