MacaroniMedia 7

Anyone have any idea when macaronimedia flash 7 is coming out???

I dun think they would release Flash 7, cuz simply, they did’nt update the recent release(ie. UpdateA), why are you asking for flash 7 too early:q:

I have no idea when Flash 7 is slated to come out. I haven’t even heard of a Flash 7 =(

Kirupa :ninja:

Maybe they know something that we don’t…

I saw that one b4, but it does’nt point to a link, why don’t u ask the appropriate one, :evil:

Serach for Flash 7…lol

Hmm, Here is a direct link:

With change comes change Phil :slight_smile:

When the version changes you should expect the program to change :slight_smile:

ALthough interface changing can be a pain, you eventually get used to it :slight_smile:

hmm, that is weird that that site put flash 7 ,maybe they are just inticipating it? i dont know. but i do know that i will just buy the update when 7 comes out. and btw, look at the time span between the 5-MX release,so think about when the 7 will, and what letters? YZ?lol

a while back i saw a “sneek peek” of Flash 6… and showed some details about it…

Well it is nothing like MX. in fact MX (which is Flash 6) is alot better than the peek showed.

I dont think getting excited about flash 7 when flash MX just came out is worth it.


Im still waiting for Fireworks 23 to come out!

i read somewhere that the community is about 6(maybe more)years behind the technology, because new technology comes out faster than our ability to maximise the potential of the predecessor.

so you mean that MX is actually ‘low-tech’? i dont quite understand what you are saying…

i mean that the technology is much more advnaced and is moving more rapidly than our ability to absorb it and maximise its potential.