Flash mx!

Flash MX is coming out march 15th! Check it out at www.macromedia.com !! It is awesome!


The freshman

hmm. I guess I should have listed Flash Mx as the title to my post. :wink:

It does look interesting, though I doubt that I’ll pick it up. New interface, gotta buy ANOTHER program, sounds like a pain in the butt to me… of course I’ll check out the 30 day trial before I make a final judgement.

Nevermind…upu beat me to it…dam forum flooding check safety thing…

Sheesh, just when I was getting the hang of v.5. :frowning:

Such is the software world (especially Internet software!).

Maybe I’ll just take a vacation for 10 days(?).



Can’t wait till Flash MX gets here! Guess I’ll hold of on the tutorials I am writing (creating a Flash site, and others) till Flash 6 comes out :slight_smile:


why is everyone so excited ive hadd a stable version of MX runing on my comp for a few months now. I dont use it much. I wann get the final one. The Deform tools do rock tho. I have issues with the dpcking pannels but hey i’ll get over it.

I had a beta version that I never got to use much and then all of the sudden, it expired on me!!! So I guess I’ll be waiting until the release with everyone else!!! :frowning:

Isnt MX a nuclear missile system, also ironically dubbed the ‘peacekeeper?’

MX stands for “Make it Xpire”, so far the trial is s’posed 2 b good 'till April 16th…a month after the release of v6…
Check out my post on Flash MX forum ( pub40.ezboard.com/fkirupa…ID=3.topic ), even if you’re on modem, I’d be interested to know if it streams in ok or not on low bandwidth?!

Cool movie eyez. I believe in miracles too. That is truly amazing. I connect @ 44Kbps and the download was a bit shaky. Whats the compression ratio from original to exported Flash?