Macromedia Coldfusion

can some1 plz tell me what this programes actually does? and wot u can do with it?

also wot is better CF 5.0 or CF MX?

Coldfusion is a tool for creating database driven websites…which basically means u can build a site for clients that they can update themselves…

Download it…and try the tut’s… :slight_smile:

I have been considering looking into it myself… [ currently i use ASP ]…


Thanks for ur help there ill look into it then. that will be very usefully actually

could also some1 tell me wot the hell is this XML stuff about? (i think thats it not sure correct me if im wrong)

check out my site…its made in cold fusion:

cool site but wot is the difference between u making that with say something like Dreamweaver and Coldfusion?

basicly im asking wot did u do with ur site in Coldfusion that is so different that u couldn’t do in Dreamweaver?

Make it comunicate with mySQL database and cold fusion server to make an e-commerce site! Lets just say it makes a site dynamic instead of static! Cold Fusion isn’t bought for the scripting langauge its bought for the program…its like having Actionscript and no Flash Program…wouldn’t work well would it?

If you are looking to make dynamic, database driven websites I would recommend ‘ASP’…there are a lot more tut’s and help out there…

Dreamweaver ‘n’ UltraDev r now one >>> Dreamweaver MX