Macromedia Flash Player 7 Update

"Macromedia Flash Player 7 Update for Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004
This download includes an update to Macromedia Flash Player 7 for the Plugin installers, ActiveX control installers, Standalone players, and Test Movie players, both Debug and Release versions. All players included with this update are version 7.0.r19. The Readme contains more information. "

“Flexible Policy File Locations
Flash Player supports a new ActionScript API called This enables cross-domain policy files to be placed in more flexible locations than was previously possible”
“Shared Object Security Enhancements
Flash Player now stores persistent shared objects in unpredictable locations. This improves client-side web security”
“Disabling seamless tabbing
This release of ActiveX Flash Player supports a new HTML parameter called SeamlessTabbing. The default value is true; set this parameter to false to disable “seamless tabbing”, which allows users to use the Tab key to move keyboard focus out of a Flash movie and into the surrounding HTML…”

(PS: how come this b a s t a r d didn’t auto-update?!!!)