Macromedia Forum vs. Kirupa Forum

I don’t know if this has been mentioned to death or not but as a fairly new person here it seems to me I have found more answers to my questions and or problems through searches here than what you can get over at the Macromedia forum.

I’m not sure if people there(macromedia) are the same people here, but my first guess would be no. People there aren’t very forgiving if you ask a question thats either been asked to death or if you’re a newbie. I mean a lot of the questions there go unanswered, even the simple ones.

Just something I noticed over the past few months and felt like sharing. I used to spend 100% of my time there now its down to maybe 5%. I think some of the people there feel like that most of us are just big idiot designers. Well I am, so I need a lot more hand holding when it comes to the scripting.

kirupaforum is better!

It’s been my experience that quesitons often get lost quickly on those forums. They do have a lot of good stuff in there though.

quite a few qusetions get lost here too :-/

Its hard to keep up sometimes.

cough xmlhovercaptions cough

(just kidding!) :beam:

Yeah, I dearly wish there was a dedicated Kirupa-like Cold Fusion forum! I’m such a CF noob and the CF forum on Macromedia is okaaaay but it takes forever to get a question answered.

Actually I just wish I could do all my work in flash! Then I could get everyone here to do my work for me! :lol:

I never understood what Coldfusion did that was so special.

I don’t like official forums as much, they have too many question askers and not enough people who stick around to answer questions.

Well when you consider how poor the Help files are in Flash, why would you expect their forums to be any better…

A lot of questions can be answered by looking in F1, problem is that it is that it is so poorly written that when you are trying something you haven’t used before their examples ain’t worth ****.

Once you know how to use that function, then F1 is fine to look up to refresh yourself on how to do something, but other than that it aint much good for anything…

Hmmm perhaps that’s why they have updated the F1 files…

Macromedia forums are like the Adobe forums, their usefulness comes into effect for really tough questions or undocumented functions.

But yeah, Kforum is a huge ‘library’ of questions, and I’m sure the search function is as strong as all the tutorials of the world combined !

coldfusion is meant to be special because it has a tag syntax, so it’s easier to learn if you’re new to server-side scripting. I’d rather go with JSP or PHP or whatever, but meh - some people swear by CF.

yeah… I recently installed cf on my server (developer) and it’s alright, but I like php more… I’m not really sure why :smiley:

and as everybody else said kforums are not as official, so it’s much more relaxing and not as stressful, :slight_smile:

I agree. When people are looking for a forum to ask their question, they first end up with the official retailer forums (like the Macromedia one). I remember asking my noob questions there way before I ever ended up here.

The friendly environment of this place often lacks at the big forums as well…