Check the site: Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, all MX!..

Just when I was thinking I wasn’t a complete moron of a webbuilder. Eyezberg, your cold! Cold as ice baby…(Said like Austin Powers) I will never catch up, thanks for this uplifting news Eyez! <img src= ALT=":o">

where ya been lately? Ive missed you, at least in Theory…

//Hint Hint… :wink:
Busy with the kids and getting stuff ready for the site (coming up: guestbook-php-driven; chatroom-same thing; more downloads; redesign…)

a chatroom? and hey I got 1 nipper so it should be easier for me :wink:

How old? Mine are 2 1/2 and 05months, so not much sleep lately!!

Chatroom beta is here:
but i’m not yet happy with it, uses a txt file to store input, so it’s a bit long to update, also the “insert url/email” doesn’t work…busy busy…

are you writing to a txt file???

Aron is looking for an answer to a question in the Flash action script forum on this subject… I’d be interested in that answer too.

mine’s 3 soon eyez! I suppose we’d better be trying for another soon… hehe sterilize them bottles and change them nappies Joe!!! :wink:

the chatroom looks @#%$ awsome!!!

merci! :wink: …but its to slow with the txt file, i need to get it working with mySql !