Made this on a ride home from Oakland

yeah so i saw the New snow tutorial it looked cool
and i had nuthing to do so i improved upon it
in my friends car
i wrote this in note pad then put it to flash worked
after 5 tries
ok here it is.
i attached the swf.
yeah i got that too
i hope its fixed now go for it

opps. heres the fla if anyone whants to use it (i dont care).

wow im dumb i tryied to edit it and i checked delete
ok well.
finnally theres the **** swf

niiiice :slight_smile:

that’s really neat…

pretty cool… i guess :beam:

that’s pretty neat man…phil u can edit the winterz theme :stuck_out_tongue:

Drawing and Design?


sweet although too much of the snow sticks to the top of the walls IMO

*Originally posted by asphaltcowboy *
**Drawing and Design? **

Nothing better to do but complain?

Nice work!

it’s that “Junior Ranger” thing Assphalt has going on…


I think you miss spe…

nevermind :wink:

no, I think this way is more accurate…



Well, SureShot, I can’t get it to load, so I have no idea whether it’s nice work or not. I was merely pointing out the fact that surely it should be in Drawing and Design, since that’s the entire point of that forum. Though I guess we could put all our stuff in here and render D&D completely useless.

oh and rev… shutup ta.

(isn’t that sweet :D)

The snow modification is really nice. I am not sure if you have checked the Battle forum or not, but the Christmas ActionScript Battle had some entries very similar to that.


can someone embed it please? I still can’t see it - for some reason I can never view just plain swfs in IE? Is there a flashplayer setting somewhere or soemthing?

Is it your responsibility to point out threads in the wrong place? Why do you feel the need to point out other’s possible mistakes? Why do you feel it affects you?

I think you need to take a step back, and look at asphaltcowboy, and stop looking at other’s shortcoming to make up for your own.

Don’t tell people to shutup around here.
Save that for your schoolyard.

Other than that, do you actually have something constructive to say?


Blah blah blah and blah?

Don’t call people an *** around here.
Save that for your hole in the ground.

Anyway, can anyone help with the flashplayer issue? Kinda annoying.

I just dl’ed it to my hard drive and then viewed it. I bet your cache is probably full. Not sure though :beam: