Mail by PHP or other simple method

I have tried a lot about the tutorials but I couldn’t manage a working feedback form sending text to my e-mail address. I am sorry I have a lack of knowledge and I am new with Flash and scripting.

a) Can I use this PHP feedback form to send a mail my hotmail or yahoo account ? Do they support it?

b) actually I can accept to send the feedback into any file in a server account, it doesn’t has to go to my e-mail. So do you know any other simple method for creating feedback form other than PHP.

I know this is a very common problem and asked a lot before but although I spent a lot of effort with different tutorials and examples I couldn’t manage it.

Thank you very much.

In order to get the form to send information to your email, you’ll need a server side script like PHP or ASP and the server that hosts your site must support these server side scripts.

Thank for the answer. I got those files from different tuttorials , i added my e-mail address to the PHP file but I could not manage to make it work.

What I want to learn is actually,

Can I send the feedback message to a particular file in my domain (it can be *.txt file) and save it there? IF it is possible, I can check that file in my domain and I can see what people sent. I hope there must be a this kind of easy way. And it can solve my problem for now. I have a very little knowledge with actions so can you help me about how I can figure out this idea.

Thank you.

I had to edit this because I found a better tut for you. They are both done by Jubba in a different board:
This one is for emailing in HTML:

I also have found a bunch of scripts on the net that have taught me to have PHP write to a txt file. There are a bunch of tutorial links if you go to and select server-side/scripting.

However - As Electrongeek stated: None of this will work if your server doesn’t support PHP or CGI or ASP etc. The best way to find out is you usally have to pay extra for it - I know I did, maybe I got screwed - either way, it’s a big selling point for server space.

Thank you for the tutorilals, last night I spent several hours to try every method Flash-PHP , HTML-PHP etc. but still i have no solution…

Simply, what I want to solve is:

If I have a input text and a botton , which action script help me to send the text written in input box to a specific*.txt file.

I am working on my own site, I can check the text file in my domain anytime so it is not a big problem for me not to send to e-mail.

Please help.

Thank you.

Sending the information to a txt file will still require the use of PHP or ASP.

Thanks Electrongeek and Jubba,

Jubba, I checked the forum address that you advice me. I downloaded file that H88 uploaded. I guessed from your discussion that the file doesn’t work properly and there are several things need to change in the script. When I click the submit button the member.php file is coming up and the member.txt file is still empty.

You are also talking about making txt file 777. I have no idea about that. I guessed it is something about FTP stuff. So I download a FTP software (WS_FTP LE 5.08 from installed it and checked generally but I couldn’t find any clue.

I am really trying every possibility that I can do with my limited knowledge. Please help.

yeah, you need to CHMOD the file.

here is a discussion on CHMODing files…

Basically you have to set the permissions to allow someone to write to it. Most FTP programs have a CHMOD ability.

oh, and the files probabyl won’t work locally, unless you have apache and php installed on your system…

Sorry, how can I install PHP?

Quick Explanation:

I didn’t scroll down to see everything here, but, I did find a pretty good tut to write and read from a txt file:

I’m also putting it here so I can get it when I get home

Probably there is no PHP support at my site at university server. I upload a php file that Jubba sent it to forum before. It was a test file that show how we can transfer the text from php file to the flash. I upload the php in to my domain but It doesn’t work.

I don’t want to give up but I started to feel, what I want is needing me to have more knowledge.

I found one example to send a feedback by HTML but it asks a pasword of sender’s mail account. And I found one free service that help me to put a feedback form into my site. It works by HTML but their ready form has a unpleasant advertisements.

I can accept to use HTML for feedback form if I can not manage it in flash but I guess I should still use PHP?

Sorry for bothering a lot with my little knowledge.


I doubt your university server has PHP installed. Most servers that you find cost about $8 a month and support PHP. I use, for instance.

Don’t worry about asking questions, a month and a half ago, I didn’t know what PHP was. Now I can use it for counters, guestbooks, login forms, forms to email myself and I’m only at the tip of the iceberg, you know??

Until I update everything, I have been using other people’s services for guestbooks, etc. is a good example. They basically use PHP and attach the form that posts to ithe PHP to your HTML file, then add advertising banners so they make money.

So, your next step is to decide to get server space that supports PHP and learn it, or go with the HTML version from a third party. Good luck with whichever road you choose!

Thank you very much for your help and encourage. I will try one of the ways that you advised me.

Hi again,

Last night, at the end I managed to send an e-mail by using ASP script. :slight_smile: I am quite happy that my server supports ASP.

Right now, what I want to know how can I use ASP and FLASH together. I checked previous messages in the forum, i coudn’t find a clear example and explanation. I want a link from flash to asp mailform and I want it open in a already sized and centered window like flash. How can I built connection between Asp mailform and flash?

Could you help me about it?

Thank you.

Actually, I can prefer to put Asp mailform directly to the Flash screen instead a popup window. Is it possible?