Mailto Link in a texbox control

I have a text box control and i have put in some text in it. how do i give a mailto link to my email id in Flash MX. Pls explain in detail.
also can u recommend me some good wesite for Flash tutorials from the beginning.

Hi, i don’t think there is any built in text box control in flash. Probably u r using a dynamic text box or static text area. Try out something like this.

  1. Convert that to a movie clip
  2. Drag that to the stage
  3. give an instance name (for example “myclip”)
  4. Select the first frame of the mov enad add the following code

_root.myclip.onRelease = function (){
getURL (“mailto:[email protected]”);

I hope this will work out.

These are some reference site. First of all i prefer Kirupa’s tutorial section is good for either for a beginner or a seasoned flash developer.


Cheers… :thumb:

Thanx Abhilash… will get back to u if i have any problem after i try this out…

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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