PROBLEMS with mailto in flash?

How can i use this
<a herf=mailto:[email protected]>mail us</a>
script in flash ?

by setting the value of the html property of your dynamic text box to ‘true’ and then using htmlText like this:

myTextBox.html = true;
myTextBox.htmlText = "<A href='mailto:[email protected]'>[email protected]</A>";

AND where can i put that script?
And IF i click a button this script runs like html mailto script.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood you at first. (been messing around with those dynamic textboxes and stuff too much lately I guess…)

Create a button and place the following script on it:

  getURL('mailto:[email protected]');	

Hope this is what you meant?

Thanks. Flashmatazz.
That’s what i need. and i’m a new flash student. so in future can i ask problems which i cann’t solve?

No problem!

btw, I’m also far from being an expert in Flash, unfortunately.
But posting here and reading other people’s threads really helps a lot. (as does having a lot of patience…)


Yeah. your site is cool. ya.

:slight_smile: Thanks! Always good to hear that.