This is kinda weird and I cannot figure it out for the life of me.

I am using Flash MX
I have a text field I attached a url to mailto:p [email protected] but when you click on the text field it opens a error page url not found and then opens the email form??
Any ideas?? I need to get this fixed for the client before I finish the website.

If you want to see first hand goto:…/index.htm

and try the email link on the bottom of the main page!

I tried your page…and as you said, it did not work.

However, I recreated the sequence in Flash MX and did not get the same result.

Here is what I did.

Text field
add link property to the text field… mailto:[email protected]
published, and it worked without a problem. When I’m running into issue like that (especially in Flash), I create a new file with just the function Im looking to perform, to see if it works. If it does, then you know something in your file is creating the problem.

Good luck.

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Thanks! I got it figured out! After going back and redoing the link…

Apparently the default for a URL is a _blank page under target - All I had to do was leave that space completely blank.

Anyway thanks for your help!!