MAJOR HELP! Vertical accordian action scripting!

I had this all typed out before, very well explained but i accidently got it deleted. Ive used flash before but with limited actionscripting (simple goto frames, stop, and button “on” commands). Im looking to create a vertical accordian style button system. By this i mean: i have 3 vertical buttons (rectangles) that are labeled (from left to right) staff, design, home. When u click a button, the buttons to the right of it need to fly across to the right hand side of the document to make space for a content area. Say i were at the home screen, all buttons on the left. Then i clicked design. Now “home” flys to the right side leaving staff and design on the left with the design content now open in the main area (right of the buttons, left of home button). Then i click the staff button and home comes back to the left side and then home and design fly to the right. Another function that i would like to learn is: if i were to click “home” while it were on the right, it (and any other button next to it) would fly back to there origin on the left side, once again clearing space in the middle for content. Ill be looking around for examples of this, as i am sure its been used before. Ill try to post a link for the example of it ASAP. I chose to post it here though, because Kirupa does an amazing job of breaking it down into real terms that i (and i assume most people) can understand. Thanks for your time!Keep up the good work! :cool: