Make button inactive

OK i have an fla to explain this better.

On my main movie i have a sliding door.
Underneath the door i have two buttons.

Even when the door is closed, and although the buttons are below the door, when you mouse over the closed door you still get the mouse hand (acting as if there is a button below).

I want those buttons under the door only to be active once the door is open, is there a way to get around this?

I tried setting them to invisable, but once i have set that, i cant set them to visable.

Anyone know a way?


how did u make them invisible? actionscript or alpha?

i made them invisable by actionscript.

But i havnt used that in this example.

i fixed it by setting the visibility true or false w/ as
heres the fixed fla

your link didnt work ;(

yeah, my servers not working
just enter the code into the door movie clip right before it’s going to show the buttons
_root.button1._visible = true
and on the first frame of the main timeline set
_root.button1._visible = false

do the same for the second button

here, i zipped it and ill attach it
hope this helps :slight_smile:

yep got it, thanks :bounce:

i did the same thing b4 and used “visable=true” for eg, and it didnt work.
This way it seems to work!!

Thanks again.

sure thing