Making a hover map and close button


I’m fairly new to Flash, let alone CS3. I need to be able to place some invisible buttons over parts of an image that when hovered over will open up a larger, zoomed in picture of the product (within the flash movie, not a new browser window) and then have a ‘go back’ button to allow the user to return to the main image to hover over another image of choice and so on…

So far I have everything up to the hover done. I can hover over part of the image and have the zoomed in image show up BUT i have a ‘stop();’ command in the zoomed image layer to keep it from looping back to the start of my movie BUT with the ‘stop();’ command it won’t let a button work to click on so users can go back to the main image. I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past hour and a half and i’m getting frustrated. Any ideas? This is for a client.

Thanks in advance!