Making a online shop

What platform you would advise to use if I don’t know anything about programming?

Can you describe what your online shop looks like right now? For example, do you you already have a system in place for displaying items?

Do you think you could manage shopify? It’s pretty straightforward and very scalable.

Adam seems to have a pretty good platform, people rave about SquareSpace but it’s a bit more expensive then Jimdo (depending on how big a shop you want). I opted for Jimdo because I found it was easier to edit the front end css than SquareSpace however if you don’t know much about programming and don’t want to mess with the front end at all SquareSpace has more really beautiful pre-made templates.

Well I don’t have anything yet. I just know that I will need a shop for about 50-100 products and it will need to be in 2 languages. You think that shopify is worth? I mean I am not sure how is about the SEO with it?

The simpliest to use is Wordpress. Just install Wordpress then install and activate an ecommerce theme and plugin you like. Most premium ecommerce themes have bundled with ecommerce plugins for that theme so it won’t be difficult for you to set up your ecommerce site.

Another option would be to use BigCommerce. This is the most user-friendly premium ecommerce solution but it’s a bit pricey.

If you don’t know anything about programming than you should check woocommerce. Presta shop have lot of settings but it’s also very simple.

Presta shop is the best. You just have to buy some theme and modify it.