Making a piece of paper

Anyone know a good tut for creating the edges of a piece of paper?

Image the look of a postcard stuck to the screen. Shadows and folds and such.


I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for, but I’m just going to throw some random tutorials out and hopefully one of them will be of some use to you.

d****n u e-geek…it is un-natural to have all these links…just sitting there waiting for a soul in need.

hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks. found what I needed.

hey EG got any tutes on how to make an old liek 1600’s type of paper? that kinda deal is hwat i need for my site. like an old book kinda thing.

Hmm…honestly, I haven’t seen any tutorials for the 60’s look, but you can probably modify this sketch tutorial to make it work.