Making a scroll window with the component

i’m desperately trying to make a scroll window by making a box with the text tool and dropping the scroller component inside it

it seems to work but the scroller component isin’t resizing to fit the text box

any ideas? (i looked in the publishing settings for the problematic project, and it’s set to flash player 6)
thats for a dynamic text scroller

there are hundreds of useful tutorials on this site … there is a search box in the top right of your screen that can help you find the one you’re looking for.

that tutorial i posted will work for text only … there is another component in flash mx if you want to have images as well

hope this helps

many thanks!

the tutorial on uploading content dynamically is superb and i’ll be incorporatig it into my work asap

i also found that if you have the ‘snap to objects’ feature turned off, when you drop a scroll component inside a textbox, it does not resize to the textbox, so that solved my problem

cheers shuga!

Dynamic upload? I was wondering what that ment, I’ll have a look at that tutorial now thx.