Making a site

i am thinking of making a website as a kind of ongoing project as i learn more about flash any ideas where i should start i know basic actionscript etc and i could probably make a really dodgy one but i want it to be quite gud wot should i start with\r \rCheers\r\r-Tom

Hey, Tom. \r\rThis is the best advice I could give you. Think of your design first. Personally, I like storyboarding a site, but sometimes I will jump into fireworks and create the look I want. No links, no frames, just the look. This cuts down on some of the experimenting for me since it gives me a general idea of the end product. Visit a bunch of sites and gather some ideas. It may be helpful.

cheers mate yeah ive been viewing most the sites of the week on kirupa and stuff like vectorlounge and things and i like what i see ill start soon and ill see what i cum up with cheers for the advice\r\r-Tom