Making text a button with actionscript

Ok, i need to make some text a button in actionscript. I want the text to fade from one color to the other when I mouse over it, and then when i click on it, it does something. I can’t just make some text and make it into a button, because it is dynamic (like if the person typed “go” then the button text would be “go”) i’m thinking around the lines of makinga button with a fade from black to purple, then masking it with some text. any ideas how this would work?

thanx in advance,

[size=1]just out of curiosity, why would you want to do it in
actionscript rather than with the flash interface?

it can easily be done with a box, symbol convert, and placement
of a movie of the text fade in the over position and voila!

scratch head
not sure other than you just WANT to do it that way…


That’s difficult to do too…

[size=1]how so? it can be done in less than 5 min…at least for
me! :stuck_out_tongue:



perhaps I am missing something, but why not put your dynamic text inside of a movie clip…then you can click on it all day.