Making the jump to a full flash page, your input needed!

Hello everybody. I am new to this forum, and my name is Justin.

Ok, i’ve been into web design for a few years now, and have made a few web pages, my latest being

But as you can see, I grew tired of it, and I realize that integrating HTML and flash can not turn out as i’d like it to be.

So, i’ve decided to make a whole page in flash. As in, I want to have the works.

A couple questions before I begin my design.

How can I keep a site like this organized?

On some full flash websites, when you click a link in a navigation bar, it plays an animation and then goes to the page. How does this work?

Any other suggestions for a semi-good flash user like myself on building a website?

Thanks in advance! Feel free to AIM me, I appreciate the help.

My AIM name is BigBalling87

Thanks alot.


tried to AIM you and give you some “help” but you were not on. is one of several i have made, if you need help post a reply and i will AIM you

On aim right now. Gimme an IM.

edit- AMAZING website. If I can do something maybe 30% as good as that i’d be happy.