Making variable wait

Is there any way to tell a movie clip or whatever to wait 3 seconds perform becoming active? I am not educated with AS at all, but I was wondering if say my fps is 12, so I could tell it to wait 36 frames then GO. Is that possible?

In your main “action” timeline, frame 1 put the following code:

////////////////// Pause Function /////////////////////
this.createEmptyMovieClip(“timer”,50 );
timer.onEnterFrame = function()
if (this.startTime>0 )
var diff = getTimer()-this.startTime;
if (diff>this.timerLength)
this.startTime = 0;
function pauseFor(theTime)
timer.timerLength = theTime;
timer.startTime = getTimer(); = this;

Then on the frame you want to pause, add: pauseFor(3000 ) //this would pause for 3 seconds.

There are many other ways, but I often use this way.

EDIT:, my stupid little mistake has been fixed.

Well thanks man, that sure does look like you worked hard on that. I will use this in my movie if you dont mind.

Thank You