Man.. I thought I got the boot

I looked around and didn’t see the private forum in it’s regular place.

If so minor a change as moving a section from the bottem of the lists to the top confuses me, I must really be out of it.

So… anyone miss me?

What seems to be the latest news around the forum?


We all missed you man.

I missed you :slight_smile:

Just check this thread…

And hmmm, not sure how much you know about recently but…

Kirupa has free hosting at media temple and racknine for his site and forum.

New smilies by Eilsoe and Guig0.

Some new regulars.

Some new buttons in the PM section.

This top secret location has moved (I wasn’t here for that either< i got all confused).

Hmm, can’t think of anything else.

and rynoe is pushing our buttons…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, little bastard (although he is twice my age), I fuggin hate him. Watch out for him. Give him a kick to the face whenever you see him.

Oh yeah, and I am in a pissed off mood now (the kind that lasts for a while) so he better hope I don’t see him around.

(note: read the “Keep a Lookout” thread for updates on this)

I knew about the server deal. Too sweet if you ask me. Kman deserves it.

glad to know that people missed me… but I really haven’t gone anywhere, just reduced the average time that I spend here as I read and stuff.

I’m on the third of my X-mass books. :slight_smile:

Senocular had us on a whinge too… but he’s cooled down a lot lately.

and, as much as I hate to admit it, he makes some neato smilies :sure:

Senocular has been excellent help on the forum. He started off as condescending, but he cooled down.

He has helped me IMMENSELY with AS. Especially with XML in Flash, I learned a lot from him there… whew doggy.

He also taught a lot of other things.

He gives very detailed explanations, which I think is awesome.

He turned down modhood at FlashKit too :!: (good if you ask me, I can’t stand flashkit)

I think that I’ve found, in general, that a lot of people are condescending, online, when you first meet them. It’s easy enough to become so with the web made up as it is… and the people of the world being what they are, in general.

Sounds like you guys are doing an ok job of disarming them as they arive. That’s the toughest part of being a mod. Luckly you got someone like Kirupa as admin. He’s never afraid to just boot the person. I think that’s great because you know he’ll back you up if you need him to.

I heard the warning about this rynoe character. I will keep an eye out. If I can I’ll make him cry for you.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

You do that David :smirk:

Maybe we can pursuade Sen to make some tut’s mayhaps :smirk:

hey, who want’s to ban rynoe?

Should we wait 'till Dan get’s here…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nono, I want to ban his @$$… F*cking prick.

There’s the shane we all know and like :stuck_out_tongue:

go ban his arse :bad:

Man that felt good :beam:

No more worries here anymore. I tried being nice to him in the beginning when he started with EG. Then he went on to me and I still tried to be nice, but then I noticed he was putting down questions asked by new members and that did not fly well.

This prick had to go!!!

Oh yeah, and for those of you who didn’t see…

lol… that thread is a clasic.

should bookmark that

I want to know…

How was my post <B>self-serving</B> and <B>misleading</B>?

I am terribly confused by that… :-\ Anyone know and can help me out?

I’m still trying to fathom the ‘useless’ comment he made in an earlier post. What a dweeb.

Hey, there’s a word I haven’t used in years - dweeb. I’ll bet that’s out of fashion now… :smirk:

Although I wouldn’t have minded seeing this rynoe go up against Dan. He wouldn’t have stood a chance. :slight_smile:

yeah… I think only dweebs use the word dweeb now. :slight_smile:

                                ------notice my self incrimination