Many ambients, the same content

anyone can give me some tips to make a site with multi ambients?
i mean… ppl choose his ambient. but the content it’s allways the same. only the layout change.
something like

Thanks in advance

Do you have Flash MX 2004 Pro or standard? Basically, your content should have an alpha setting, where the higher the alpha, the less the color shows. In the background, put a gradient, in which I believe you can change the color by using actionscript.

hum… i have flash mx 2004 pro.
can you explain a bit better? did you checked the site that i gave as example? i want to do something similar to this. including have a diferent image in each ambient…
If anyone can help would be great.

Ya, I was just waiting for your reply. Basically, in the presenation slide (the parent slide), create the gradient background you would want. Place your pretty pictures here, too. Next, create a background the size of your menu thing in the first slide. This background should be solid, of your color. Next create the real background. Make it white, with an alpha setting set based upon how much of the color you want. Finally, put the content on top. Using actionscript, you can make things an mc and adjust their color. A tiny example is posted.

Just one question… and about pictures? lets imagine that i want a picture for one colour and a diferent picture for another colour? how should i do that? It’s a process more complicated or it’s also simple?
Thanks for the time you used to make the example.
Was easier to understand :slight_smile: